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                 The 2012 Annual Minutes are open for comments via email

Annual Meeting of the High Valley Membership - May 27, 2012

High Valley Country Club  -P.O. Box 427 -Packwood, WA 98361


The annual meeting of the High Valley Membership was called to order by Board of Trustees President Jack Hubbert at 1:00 p.m. 

A quorum was declared.


Board of Trustees: David Cartwright, Bob Conklin, Susan Duncan, Johnny Emtman, Westa Harris, Jack Hubbert, Toni Just, Jarl Peterson, Dude Sinkey.

Employees: Rick Jenkins – Operations Manager, Koeta Imhof - Bookkeeper, Amanda Meekhof – Assistant to the Secretary & Clubhouse Manager

Tellers: Lois Enz - Chairperson, Darlene Cartwright, Shirley Botsford, Susie Putman, Mary Anderson

Ballot Counting: Mary Anderson, Evie Pippit, Nancy Wyatt, Lois Kreshak, Willy Murdock, Darlene Cartwright and Chairperson Lois Enz. 

2011 Annual Meeting Minutes – the minutes have been posted on the HVCC website and were read aloud by Sinkey. There were no comments or corrections and will stand as read.


  • The internal audit was completed by Imhof and 3 volunteers.  Each person randomly chose transactions that were then reconciled with Imhof.  No issues were identified.  It was evident that Imhof does a great job.

 President’s Update:

  • Over the course of the year the inside of the clubhouse was painted, new lights added, the juke box is in the process of being repaired, the website is getting updated and stronger Wi Fi in the clubhouse is in process.  The gutter on the golf side of the clubhouse was replaced due to snow damage.  Thank you to the Women’s Club for the flowers they planted along the clubhouse and for the new lights.

 Operations Report – Jenkins

  • Thanks given to the veterans who have served our country.
  • Close to 200 water meters have been installed to date.  The Kubota tractor needed repairs and that slowed the process down, but will be back to it again now that it is repaired.
  • Water use for last year was 37 million gallons, which is 5 million less than the next lowest year on record.
  • We haven’t had any well or pump issues and the generators are working well.
  • Reminder that the electricity will be off from 8:30 a.m. to as late as 3:30 p.m. Wednesday while the electric company does work.
  • Last year there was a discussion of purchasing an Automatic External Defibulator – there is the possibility of a grant through the hospital but won’t know more until the fall.


 Golf – Cartwright

  • The course looks good.  The small bridge is being repaired so will be safer.
  • Some limbs that are unsafe are going to be removed.
  • The #6 sand trap will probably be removed and the green be made larger.

Pools Sinkey

  • The pools are up and running.  We didn’t need to paint them this year but are researching the options for resurfacing them.  Some surfaces require non-chlorinated water and we need to decide what will hold up the best and be the most cost effective. 
  • The tiles are on order for the #1 pool and the work will be done while it is closed the first part of June.

Property – Enz

  • There hasn’t been much activity lately.  When needed they committee speaks with people about concerns.  The Property Committee will become more active after the new committee is voted in.


Melton asks what happens during meter installation regarding people with “no meter” signs.  Jenkins explained signs mean nothing and meters are installed.


 Bonnie Marshall made a motion to do the internal audit for the 2012 – 2013 operating year. The motion seconded and carried.

 The budget was presented by Imhof, who explained that Jenkins puts the budget together based on previous year. 

Clarification was given on where the cart fees are kept and how it is shown in the budget.  Enz asks if the cart fee fund can be used as a reserve fund if not used.  Imhof can arrange that.

Melton shares concerns regarding the reserve funds and how they are, or are not, used.  Also urges HVCC to make sure people are qualified to use the A.E.D., if obtained, to avoid liability.

Imhof explained how reserves are used.

Ernie Enz made a motion to accept the budget as proposed.  The motion was seconded and carried.

Hubbert shares that at the 2011 Annual Meeting it was voted to stop action regarding the covenants and follow local laws, bylaws and articles of incorporation.  He feels that we do not have enforceable covenants regardless of past motions carried by the board – based on his personal conversation with an attorney.  He would like the membership to pass a motion that states we do not have or follow covenants and would like permission to sign a letter, drafted by the corporate attorney, to notify the title companies that we do not have covenants.

Dennis Riebe made a motion that we have our president finalize the documents from the attorney to file with the title companies stating that we do not have covenants.  The motion was seconded and carried.

Ernie Enz made a motion to accept the proposal of Rich Brooks, Ernie Enz, Warren Anderson, Garl Lucas, Carol Hunt, Toni Just, Jan Anderson, Claudine Lofgren, Bill Fife, Sandy Conklin and Sally Morebeck on the property committee.  The motion was seconded and carried.

Gary Yost asks outcome on previous discussion at board meeting regarding golf carts on road.  Enz shares that a county commissioner felt it wasn’t worth pursuing unless it becomes an issue and is being enforced by law enforcement.

 Dennis Riebe checks the HV website and Facebook page and encourages whoever is updating to keep it going.

Just would like to see reminders for parents that they are responsible for their children’s safety and guest’s behaviors.

Cartwright invites the membership to attend the monthly board meetings and if unable to attend send messages via email or US mail.

Healy welcomes new board members and would like to donate an AED for the community with a plaque in memory of her mother and brother.

 Al Pippitt made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was seconded and carried.

 The meeting adjourned at 2:47 p.m.

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